Hillary Step Treks (HST) is a reliable Nepal Government registered trekking company. HST is committed to providing the best promising services to our clients. To reinforce the country’s tourism sector, we deliver quality services at the best prices without compromising and exceeding the rest. Our client’s safety and satisfaction are our topmost priorities. The Terms and Conditions made with Hillary Step Treks are administered by Nepalese Jurisdiction.

Please undergo our terms and conditions carefully before confirming your trip booking with us. These terms and conditions are valid from the date you booked the trip with us.


For Trekking and tours in Nepal, one requires:

Passport photocopy

20% deposit of the total cost of the trip

This 20% payment amount is your trip booking confirmation which is usually done before the trip. The 20% deposit amount is your down payment for the trip to Nepal and is non-refundable. These deposits are used for making reservations for hotels, transportation, trekking permits, and others.

The remaining deposit for the trekking is often paid after you arrive in Kathmandu and before you commence the trip.


Under our trip cancellation policy, allow us to notify you that the 20% deposit amount paid during the booking confirmation is non-refundable. The policy is effective from the time you confirmed your booking with us.

Likewise, if the trip deposit payment is more than 20%, the remaining amount is going to be refunded. We reduce the 20% non-refundable deposit amount and therefore the remaining amount is going to be refunded via the original payment method.


If you want to postpone the trip due to personal issues, you need to send us written notice via email before a week. You need to mention the new date for departure so that we can act accordingly and take necessary action. A reminder that we won’t charge any additional/extra cost for a trip postponed unless the thing doesn’t get changed for the new date.


We have a free trip postpone policy introduced due to COVID-19. If you are unable to travel after the trip book with us due to COVID-19, you can postpone the trip free of cost. You can travel later choosing the date that is appropriate for you. We don’t apply any charges and be assured that your 20% deposit amount is safe and may be used later.


We accept last-minute bookings for any trips in Nepal. In this context, the client should book at least a day before the trip departure and full payment must be done straight away.


Hillary Step Treks reserves the right to review prices posted on our website. We review our prices in response to unanticipated situations or due to external factors such as exchange rate fluctuation, new government policy, natural calamities, pandemics, epidemics, terrorism, and political instability. We keep updating and publishing all changes and prices on our website for your convenience. Hillary Step Treks arranges the customized trip suitable to your time and reasonable. We also have a seasonal trip where you get trip discounts.


You can make the payment by wire transfer:

Bank Payment Details:

Beneficiary Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd.
Bank Address: Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Beneficiary Name: Hillary Step Treks Pvt Ltd.
Account No: 01911161620013

Note: Bank service charges associated with submitting a deposit are solely the client’s responsibility while transferring or paying by card at the time of deposit.

Note: You can also transfer payment via Western Union Money Transfer in Nepal which is swift and easy. The process is hassle-free. You only need to provide related information through email. Once we received the payment, we mail you the invoice confirmation.


Travel Insurance is mandatory for all clients and it acts as a safety net. Travel Insurance package must cover personal injury, medical extremities, repatriation expenses, helicopter evacuation, altitude above 3000 m, loss/theft of luggage, and any kind of illness. Hillary Step Treks heartily advise you to buy an insurance package covering necessary services through the trusted insurance company in your country.


All clients must ensure that they have a valid passport with at least validity for 6 months beyond the trip duration. It is the client’s responsibility to get the proper visa for the traveling countries. Nepalese visas can be attained from the Nepalese Consulate in your country or at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu upon your arrival. Please submit your correct details for visa documentation at the airport as HST won’t be liable for your visa rejection. The visa costs are not included in our trip package, thus it is the client’s sole responsibility for the visa process.


Physical and Mental Fitness is the key factor to trip/trek in the mountains of Nepal. The trip to the mountains is challenging and one needs to have a sound health condition. As there is a proverb “Health is wealth”, be physically and mentally fit for the trek. Inform in detail about your health condition before booking a trip with us. It makes us easy to provide you with the best possible services. We can also confirm with you earlier whether you can trip or not due to your health status. The client’s safety is our top priority. Thus, we are always concerned to make your trip memorable.


We offer you guaranteed departures when you book a trip with us. We assure you of a great trip with an appropriate itinerary. All your needs are taken good care of and we won’t cancel the trip even if there are minimum trekkers in the group. HST focuses on providing full services from the beginning of the trip to the final departure of the trip. You can rely on us.


Hillary Step Treks are dedicated to providing top-level quality services. We are aware of our duties and responsibilities and believe in performing with supreme honesty. HST team takes every possible step to make your trip safe, delightful, and hassle-free. However, if there is any legal or emergency issue HST won’t bear the risk. There is a high risk involved in traveling in the mountains as it is adventurous and challenging at the same time. Emergency or legal issues such as a pandemic, natural disasters, government restrictions, flight cancellations, accidents, or sickness are not under the control of HST. HST won’t be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to such situations. The client’s luggage is properly taken care of. But, HST won’t accept liability for the damage/loss of luggage. The clients should take all responsibility for the risks caused due to uncertain and inherent environments. Extra costs acquired during this situation must be endured by the clients themselves during the trip.


The trip to the mountains in Nepal is very demanding. Many issues like physical injury, sickness, poor health conditions, and emergency evacuation can occur during the trip. HST won’t be accountable for such issues. One should take proper care of oneself and should strictly follow the guidelines. We suggest you take proper travel insurance from a trusted insurance agency before traveling.


The trips to the mountains in Nepal may face many challenges. The flights may get canceled/delayed due to bad weather, particularly in the Everest Region Trek and Jomson Trek in Nepal. Hillary Step Treks takes full care of your necessity and provide you with proper accommodation and meal and arrange for your departure.

HST reserves the full authority to re-route treks and use road transport, and public vehicles for extended delays during your trip. We assure you that there won’t be any impact on the trip cost. HST won’t be liable for costs incurred due to your flight miss but we assist you with the best alternative arrangements.


The clients traveling to Nepal should be responsible to follow the country’s rules and regulations and respect the country’s law. The travelers should not commit any illegal and inappropriate acts. The travelers must face penalties as the stated law. HST won’t be liable for the unethical act of travelers. HST has full authority during the trip to dismiss from the trip immediately. In such cases, there is no compensation too.


Hillary Step Treks may use the client’s image or videos shot during the trip. It is purely done for the company’s publicity without charge on all promotional platforms. For advertising purposes on our website without any notification or your concern, we may use it.  They are only used for marketing promotions such as brochures, images, slides, and videos, both on manual and digital platforms. We assure you that we maintain your privacy and only limited use solely for promotion only.


Hillary Step Treks is dedicated to providing secure and smooth services for clients. All your services are better-taken care of. But, for loss or damage of luggage or any personal belonging, HST won’t be answerable. The client must take proper care of it.


Our client’s privacy is the topmost priority. During the trip booking process, we collect your private information to arrange your trip.  Let us assure you that the personal information collected is only limited to us and won’t disclose to third parties. The collected information is used only for trip arrangement purposes and not for any other purposes. Your privacy is in safe hands.