The classic Hillary Step which is 60.69 meters (200 feet) below the Everest Summit was considered “The last challenge before reaching the summit of the world”. This historically important step was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Sadly, this step was ruined in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Although it doesn’t exist anymore, it carries a great history and functioned as a link between the trekkers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Our company’s name is kept in respect to this iconic “Hillary Step”.

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Hillary Step Treks is readily available to all types of travelers who wish to begin their trek in this beautiful mountainous country of Nepal. Our experienced trekkers and mountaineers are eager to take you on mountainous trails along with a fabulous introduction to Nepal’s beauty and culture. A flexible itinerary at the best prices for a group or independent trekkers. One can also customize the trip as per the availability of travel dates and preferred destinations in the itinerary. A lifetime deposit guarantee provides you the facility of trekking with us on any available dates you have if you have to cancel your trek due to unforeseen events. Hillary Step Treks are 24/7 available for customer support via calls, WhatsApp,emails, and voicemail in case of emergency, for inquiry, ticket booking, and travel-related issues. The team of trained, skilled, and destination experts having 15 years of experience is at your service to provide you with the best trekking experiences in the lap of mountains, and the naturally beautiful country of Nepal. Happiness is guaranteed when you travel with Hillary Step Treks.